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Deliverable D1: Semester project understanding and analysis (15 points)

The goal of D1 is to identify and analyze problems related to assigned semester project. This should be done by means of user research techniques.

The D1 (user research, problem description) document must contain following information:

  • user research
    • user model/profile
    • interview
      • preparation (topics, questions)
      • interview transcription (summary only!) - at least 3 participants
    • analysis and interpretation of collected data
      • summary of knowledge gained
      • user requirements
  • analysis of the HCI problem (based on resources given with the assignment)
    • list of key problems and their resources
      • at least 2 key problems with detailed description
      • related/restricted to user research
    • possible solutions of problems identified (general design recommendations applicable on selected HCI problems)

Please submit the document at: .

Instruction for submission can be found at .

The submission deadline is: Sunday 12.10. 2014 + 4 hours.


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