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Zdeněk MíkovecSeptember 19, 2012 0 Archive, Lecture, Further readings

Attached you will find two documents discussing general issues of design and evaluation of the user interfaces.

The document user_interface_design_and_evaluation-chapter01.txt is a first chapter of the book User Interface Desing and Evaluation (authors D. Stone, C. Jarrett, M. Woodrroffe, S. Manocha) published at Morgan Kaufmann in 2005. The importance of UI design in software engineering process are discussed here. The consequences of bad UI design are illustrated on concrete real-life examples.

This text is a further reading for the first (and partially for the second) lecture. We would like to turn your attention to several exercises showing the essence of several UI design problems.

The document principles_of_user_interface_design.pdf brings an overview of aspects that should be taken into account during the UI design process. In fact this document presents a collection of questions which should be asked by designers in various phases of UI design process.

This text is a supporting materials especially for practice and your work on semester projects.


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