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Zdeněk MíkovecSeptember 20, 2012 0 Archive, Lecture, User research, Further readings

Attached you will find two documents further discussing the User research topics. These documents represent two chapters of the book User Interface Desing and Evaluation (authors D. Stone, C. Jarrett, M. Woodrroffe, S. Manocha).

The second chapter deals with techniques by means of which it is possible to gather information about the potential users. There are several examples how to proceed in the case when we might observe user’s behavior in certain situation (one example is based on the use of ticket vending machine in Prague). When reading the chapter you may get idea how to construct questionnaire (what is not an easy task as you may think).

The third chapter deals with the analysis of user behavior. Here are several aspects taken into account (various environments like physical environment, social environment, various constraints etc…). The gathered information may be used for creation of models of users that are later used in the process of the user interface design. Typical technique for user modeling – Personas - are shortly presented. Some of the techniques presented are explained on the example of simple ATM machine.


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