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The time schedule of the lectures is as follows:

  1. Examples of UI issues , Introduction to HCI, UI design process, UCD methodology
  2. User research [Jakub Franc, AVG]
  3. UI formal description and UI models: Task model, CTT, HTA, Storyboards, Interaction styles
  4. Prototyping - Design studio [Adam Fendrych, Ceska televize]
  5. Prototyping - LoFi
  6. Prototyping - HiFi, Formative evaluation
  7. UI formal description and UI models: STN, Flow chart, Petri nets, JSD
  8. Visual design
  10. Psychological aspects: KLM, GOMS, Memory, Fitts law
  11. Psychological aspects: User models, MHP, Hick’s law
  12. Mental models and architecture [PS]
  13. Intelligent UI
  14. Beyond traditional UI: CHI 2014 minutes

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