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Deliverable D2: Sketches, storyboards, HTA, paper mockup (15 points)

The deliverable D2 (problem analysis, HTA, storyboard, etc.) contribution must contain following information:

  • Set of use-cases with detailed scenarios
    • scenarios must be related to formal models of future system (e.g., plans of HTA)
  • Model of the future system
    • formal description must be used (HTA or CTT)
    • other methods can be also used as additional description (e.g. storyboards, sketches)
  • Paper mockup of the future application
    • uploaded on the server (photos of the paper mockup)
    • each team member has created at least one mockup
    • informal testing within a team

If you use HTA description do not forget to define so called plans. These must be related to the scenarios.

The submission deadline is: Sunday 28.10. 2012 + 4 hours.

Please submit the document at: .

Instruction for submission can be found at .


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