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Deliverable D3: Electronic prototype (15 points)

The D3 (electronic prototype) document must contain following information:

  • prototype creation
    • scenarios, which will be covered by the prototype
    • prototype description
    • uploaded on the server
      • interactive prototype
      • covers all identified problems (D1) on conceptual level
      • consider shallow prototyping only (no deep and detailed solutions)
  • evaluation (usability testing with at least 2 users)
    • goal of evaluation (which requirements are we going to test)
    • test setup
    • test execution (document how the test was performed - short video or sequence of photos/screenshots)
    • findings and recommendation

Details about user test can be found in the lecture of TUR course: .

The submission deadline is: Sunday 17.11. 2013 + 4 hours.

Please submit the document at: .

Instruction for submission can be found at .


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