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Zdeněk MíkovecApril 30, 2010 0 Archive, Practice, Deliverables, D4

The D4 (high-fidelity prototype) document must contain following information:

  • prototype creation
    • scenarios, which will be covered by the prototype
    • prototype
      • upload the source code (ZIP archive preferable)
      • description of the prototype functionality (+ screen shots)
      • state-transition diagram (high level - do not go to all details)
      • technologies (HW/SW) used for prototype creation
      • implementation problems, tips and tricks
  • evaluation (at least 2 endusers)
    • goal of evaluation (which requirements are we going to test)
    • test setup
    • test execution (document how the test was performed - short video or sequence of photos/screenshots)
    • findings and recommendation
  • documentation for developers (do not write all from the beginning, reuse what you have already done or refer to it in the text)
    • specification of functional requirements (with priorities)
    • specification of interaction design (refer to your prototypes)
    • specification of visual design (refer to your prototypes)
    • specification of user experience design (refer to your prototypes)
      • what should be the desired user experience while working with your product


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