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Deliverable D4: Hi-Fi prototype (20 points + 5 points for presentation)

The D4 (high-fidelity prototype) document must contain following information:

  • Prototype creation
    • The prototype must cover key scenarios.
    • The “source code” (ZIP archive preferable) must be uploaded.
    • Provide also a build of the prototype (can be a link to running application)
    • The functionality of the prototype must be described (adding screen shots is recommended).
    • The state-transition network (high level - do not go to all details) of the prototype must be created. The HW/SW technologies used for prototype creation must be specified. Interesting implementation problems, tips and tricks should be documented.
  • Evaluation (at least 2 endusers per team)
    • The goal of evaluation (which requirements are we going to test) must be defined.
    • The test setup must be precisely described including schema/photos of the setup).
    • The test execution must be documented (e.g. short video or sequence of photos/screen shots).
    • The findings and recommendation must be described in detail.
  • Documentation for developers (do not write all from the beginning, reuse what you have already done or refer to it in the text)
    • The documentation for developers must include specification of functional requirements (with priorities), specification of interaction design (refer to your prototypes), specification of visual design (refer to your prototypes), specification of user experience design (refer to your prototypes), what should be the desired user experience while working with your product.
  • Presentation of D4
    • start with the story of your solution
    • present key features of your solution
    • more pictures less text
    • do not go into implementation details
    • 7 minutes presentation (short video/screen sequence describing “the story” of the solution + 3 slides)
    • upload the slides 1 day before presentation (3. 1. 2016)

The report should be well structured (divided into chapters, sections), should be stylistically correct (proofreading, formal and technical language, usage of right terminology) and should be readable and understandable.

The submission deadline is: Sunday 17. 1. 2016 + 4 hours.

Please submit the document at: .

Instruction for submission can be found at .


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