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The D3 (low-fidelity prototype) document must contain following information:

  • prototype creation
    • scenarios, which will be covered by the prototype
    • prototype (if electronic, upload it, if physical upload photos)
  • evaluation
    • goal of evaluation (which requirements are we going to test)
    • test setup
    • test execution (document how the test was performed - short video or sequence of photos/screenshots)
    • findings and recommendation

For student of OI study programm the evaluation must be done with endusers (at least 2). The students of "E+I" study program can choose an expert heuristic evaluation (at least 2 evaluators). For expert evaluation your NUR colleagues can be used (those who work on different projects).

Details about expert heuristic evaluation can be found in the lecture of TUR course

Details about user test can be found in the lecture of TUR course:


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