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The time schedule of the practice and the deliverables description and deadlines can be found in the attached PDF document.

The deliverable submission can be delayed 24 hours only (with point lose - D1 -2p, D2 - 3p, D3 -3p, D4 -5p). After this delay you will get NO points and lose the chance to get credits.

If you feel you are getting into troubles inform us in advance (2 days at least) and we will try to find some solution (typically some extra work you should do).

Time schedule at glance follows:

  1. Introduction, semester projects
  2. Initial consultation of semester projects, user recruitment
  3. User research training
    • preparation for D1 (interview, problem description)
    • consultation of D1
  4. Homework on the semester project (D1)
    • consultation of D1
    • D1 submission (Sun 16.10. 2011)
  5. Problem analysis training
    • preparation for D2 (user requirements analysis, HTA, storyboards, sketching, etc.)
  6. Problem analysis training - work on semester projects (D2)
    • presentation of storyboards and sketches (workshop)
    • D2 submission (Sun 30.10. 2011)
  7. Low-Fidelity prototyping training
    • preparation for D3 (Low-Fidelity prototype)
  8. Mid/High-Fidelity prototyping training
    • preparation for D4 (Mid/High Fidelity prototype + testing + documentation)
  9. Homework on the semester project (D3)
    • D3 submission (Wed 16.11. 2011)
  10. Homework on the semester project (D4)
  11. Presentations of the best D3, consultation of D4
    • P1: presentation of the best Low-Fidelity prototypes (4-5 students per practice)
  12. Homework on the semester project (D4)
  13. Presentation of semester projects (D4)
    • D4 submission (Sun 18.12. 2011)
  14. NO PRACTICE (Friday schedule)


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