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The deliverables should be submitted in the following form:

  • one document
    • you will incrementally add new chapters into one document
    • for each deliverable, you will copy the existing document with new name (this means that at the end of semesester there will be 4 PDF documents with incremental changes + ZIP files with prototypes)
    • name convention: username_dx.yyy (dx means deliverable d1-d4, yyy is either pdf or zip
  • structure
    • cover page
    • table of content
    • introduction (application domain, problem description)
    • D1 (interview, user description)
    • D2 (user requirements analysis, HTA, storyboards, etc.)
    • D3 (Low-Fidelity prototype)
      • prototype description, screenshots, consultations with project leader, conclusions
      • prototype (code, readme)
    • D4 (Mid/High-Fidelity prototype)
      • prototype description, screenshots, testing, conclusions
      • prototype (code, readme)

The deliverables should be uploaded on the wiki at<<<user_name>>> (you must login first). An example of the right URL can be and the page you shuld create is .

On the web page there are already created links for each of you. Pleas create following page structure (headings):

  • Zadani semestralni prace (Semester project description)
  • Deliverable D1
  • Deliverable D2
  • Deliverable D3
  • Deliverable D4


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